Class 2 ADR Driver

Class 2 ADR Driver

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Date Posted: 2024-07-11 04:14:09 - End Date: 09-08-2024

Location: knottingley, knottingley, United Kingdom


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Company: Beauparc

Who Are We?Acumen Waste offers a unique opportunity to embark on a rewarding career where excellence and expertise are highly valued. As specialists in hazardous waste management, we take pride in our ability to handle challenging waste materials that require a mix of skills and experience. Join our team and become part of a culture that truly appreciates the importance of responsible waste handling.Our commitment to responsible waste management goes beyond mere compliance. We strive to minimise the impact of hazardous waste on the environment and actively contribute to creating a cleaner, safer world. By joining us, you will be part of a team that shares a deep sense of environmental stewardship and actively works towards making a positive difference.Discover a place where specialisation and expertise thrive. Join Acumen Waste and unlock your full potential.Now let us tell you about the role:As an HGV Driver at (Company Name), you will be responsible for the safe and efficient transportation of waste materials to and from our waste management facility in the UK. Your role is crucial to ensuring the seamless operation of our site and supporting our commitment to environmental sustainability.Key Responsibilities:Waste Transportation: Operate HGV vehicles to collect, transport, and deliver waste materials between designated locations.Safety and Compliance: Ensure all transportation activities are conducted in strict adherence to safety regulations and environmental standards.Vehicle Maintenance: Conduct routine inspections and basic maintenance on HGV vehicles to ensure they are in good working condition.Route Planning: Plan efficient routes and schedules for waste collection and transportation to optimise time and resources.Documentation: Maintain accurate records of all waste collections, deliveries, and any incidents or accidents.Customer Service: Provide excellent customer service to clients and address any inquiries or concerns professionally.Environmental Responsibility: Support recycling and waste diversion efforts to reduce the environmental impact of waste management.Qualifications:Valid HGV Class 1 or 2 driver's license.CPC qualification (Certificate of Professional Competence).Previous experience as an HGV driver, preferably in waste management or a related industry.Strong knowledge of HGV vehicle maintenance and safety regulations.Excellent driving and navigation skills.Good communication and interpersonal abilities.Commitment to safety and environmental responsibility.JBRP1_UKTJ

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